Get a grip

Walking surfaces that are safe when dry, can easily turn into slippery hazard areas when wet.

Combine smooth surfaces with water and most shoes don’t have enough to grip onto, leading to nasty slips and falls. This is especially common on deck and entrance areas.

Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path is a textured waterborne finish, designed to provide a comfortable walking surface for all interior and exterior situations where a non-skid finish is desired. It was first designed in response to school students being injured on slippery deck and concrete areas. The school reached out to Resene desperate for a way to keep their students safe.

Available in a low sheen finish, Resene Non Skid Deck & Path may be tinted to complement existing dècor, both inside and out. The finish has a comfortable grit texture to give feet and shoes something to grip onto, reducing the risk of accident no matter what the weather.

Combinations of contrasting colours may be used to create decorative effects in courtyards and pathed areas, either as part of a new landscaping plan or to rejuvenate weathered surfaces. Light colours are perfect for stair edges to highlight the edge and reduce the likelihood of accident.

Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path has been slip resistance tested with a result of 0.74-0.78, which means it meets slip resistance requirements for slopes up to 34 degrees. An extremely tough finish, Resene Non-Skid Deck & Path may be used in residential, commercial or industrial light wear applications.

See the Resene Decks, paths and recreational areas colour chart for colour options, available from Resene ColorShops or order your chart free online,