Transform our cities with healthy street trees and sustainable infrastructure.

At Metrogreen, we love trees. In fact, we believe they hold the key to better cities – and a better world.

Mankind needs trees in urban spaces in order to thrive, with abundant research proving the many benefits of environmentally-sound urban development.

But trees have always battled to survive in cities, with one of two outcomes usually occurring. Either growth is stunted with trees never reaching their full potential, or surrounding infrastructure is damaged by invasive root systems.

We are fortunate at MetroGreen to have our global partner Citygreen, who has invested years in comprehensive research and development, exploring the challenges, the causes of failure, and the reasons for premature mortality in urban trees. Having identified the key issues, Citygreen has designed practical products and systems to address them.

 Citygreen’s products including the modular Stratavault soil structure system have been extensively used in large projects here in New Zealand.  A recent project is the Avon River Precinct (ARP), a new city promenade and waterfront enhancement along the Ōtākaro/Avon River in Christchurch. The project marks an important milestone in the city’s recovery from the earthquake that devastated Christchurch in 2011.

Prior to the promenade development, there were very few trees within Oxford Terrace adjacent to the river, as this was primarily designed for cars. A major goal of the project was to transform this into a shared space and beautify the area with large, healthy trees. By adding trees, the ARP would become both more inviting and more functional.

Due to the complexity and magnitude of this project, many factors were considered to determine the best approach.  The Citygreen Stratavault’s flexibility and ease of installation was a key factor in the selection process. The requirement to work around existing new services and the proximity of city tram lines posed significant challenges for the project. However, as Stratavault units snap together quickly and easily to form an integrated matrix, installation was smooth and efficient.  The Stratavault’s ability to provide 90% soil volume to the trees allows them to develop extensive root systems and, in turn, larger canopies.

 The outcome of this project since completion and opening in November 2018, is that the ARP promenade has become a popular shared space connecting people to the river. It is a favourite place for locals and tourists visiting the city.

For further information regarding the Citygreen range of products, contact the New Zealand agent MetroGreen on 0800 89 2726 or