Firth non-slip paving for icy Dunedin bus hub

The development of Dunedin city took a step forward this year when the new Central City Bus Hub was officially opened in March with a whole new look.

James Taylor, Project Manager for Beca says that Great King Street forms part of the Dunedin Central City Retail Precinct and was co-ordinated with the draft Central City design palette in mind. “The various areas of paving in the hub include Firth Holland® Set in Black Sands and Piazza® in both Natural and Black Sands,” says Peter McCartney, Sales Representative (Coastal Otago & South Canterbury) for Firth. “It was decided to use a Bush Hammered finish to create natural grip for the everyday pedestrian to avoid the surfaces becoming slippery in wet weather.”

 “Firth PaveWare® Commercial Paving has already been used in various places around the city and with a good range of colours, sizes and finishes available we were able to select, through our consultant Beca, pavers to direct pedestrian traffic and offer some interest,” says Julian Philips, Team Leader Public Transport Dunedin, Otago Regional Council. “Also the Bush Hammered finish of the pavers offers a rougher finish which was of interest to us as Dunedin can at times have icy pavements and this rougher surface should help reduce the risk of people slipping.”

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