ACO Freestyle®

Not all places are alike, no two designs are the same. Why should all gratings be made equal?

Landscape architecture brings together the landscape and its inhabitants, combining the world we live in with our varied cultures and values to create new spaces. Through all stages of a project the spirit of a place must be thought of, whether addressing small details such as paving or overarching ideas about the Mauri or life-force.

Sustainable stormwater management is crucial to the success of new developments, especially with the hazards posed by climate change. Yet too often drainage is a functional afterthought, and is never fully integrated into the design.

ACO work across all disciplines to effect meaningful change when it comes to sustainable drainage design, pioneering responses to demands across the globe with a market-leading product range. With the widest selection of grate choices available, and an increasing number of slot options, ACO drains can sit within a project virtually unnoticed.

What if a grating didn’t have to be off-the shelf? What if a grating could stand out as a feature? No two landscapes are the same, no two designs will be the same, why should all grated channels look the same? 

With ACO Freestyle you have the freedom to create your own drainage designs that integrate into the architecture and landscape, telling a story, providing interest. The grates add to the design palette, providing a unique point of difference and sense of place. Grate choice is no longer a hindrance, but an expressive tool.

While drainage is an outside product, ACO Freestyle means that channel drainage is finally not an outsider in the world of design.