The Great 8: secrets & standards for the most successful playgrounds

New Zealand’s Anderson Park Playground recently won a prestigious national award – but what exactly makes it great and how can you ‘bottle’ its appeal?

The Playground Centre team was proud to collaborate in the creation of the Anderson Park Playground, which was recently awarded the 2018 New Zealand Recreation Association (NZRA) Outstanding Park Award.

As one of the first all-abilities destination playground of its size and scale in New Zealand, the park’s true success is its epic popularity.

So, what’s the secret to winning playgrounds like this, which inject serious value to public spaces, schools and communities?

To answer that question, we have developed a guide like no other: The Great 8. Put simply, it’s the eight key principles of a best practice playground, backed by research-based criteria and real-life examples.

Comprehensive and incredibly practical, it gives playground designers and planners crystal clear information, advice and checklists for creating and maintaining outstanding playgrounds for everyone.

It outlines standards to improve the quality of design, installation, maintenance and upgrading of all-sized play and recreational areas including those in child care facilities, school grounds, tourist parks, commercial and retail outlets, suburban parks and large-scale destination playgrounds.

It’s the perfect support for decision-making, helping to manage risks, maximize opportunities and build professional competency. It also offers users and stakeholder groups a framework to assess and comment on proposals and plans.

Pre-register for this essential guide to creating and evaluating playgrounds which is due for release in early 2019.

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