Urban trees: Old problem - new solution

Trees in dense urban environments have a difficult and stressful life. We make their existence challenging but we still want a lot from them - beauty, good air, shade and ambience.

A lack of water compacted, and airless soils, toxins and other factors reduce the life of city trees and prevent good growth. Many products have been in use over the decades to counteract these negative influences. Many fulfil some of these tasks, but few provide for all necessities: good access to air, water and nutrients, open soils, clean tree pit surfaces and easy maintenance. Avoid the slumping of resin bound paving that occurs with new tree plantings and soils with StoneGrate.

StoneGrate - exclusively produced by StoneSet NZ - endeavours to deliver what has long been desired by urban tree consultants, landscape architects and horticulturists. Solid steel frame and grate system with permanent StoneSet resin bound paving insets that are totally porous. They are as easy to install as other types of grates, very easy to maintain and can be removed for maintenance or tree replacement.

StoneGrate comes in standard sizes and or it can be manufactured to your existing frames, round or square with the option of galvanising or powder-coating. The full range of StoneSet NZ resin bound paving products is available to match any urban design situation. Resins are UV stable - guarantee against degradation and cracking with the StoneSet NZ 10-year guarantee!

For more information and pricing please contact StoneSet NZ on 0800 708000 or hello@stonesetnz.co.nz