Sofie Willems + Joan Raun Nielson, Spektrum Architects

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For the founders of a small Denmark architecture firm, Joan Raun Nielson and Sofie Willems have a big goal - to improve life for everyone.  That's how the pair from Spektrum Architects opened their presentation at this year's conference. 

Working within the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and urban planning, the office insists on an architectural approach where inside and outside are inextricably linked. The office has a visionary architectural approach to architecture and landscape, generally working towards interactive and exciting architecture that appeals to the senses and makes an impression both in small and large-scale projects.

sofie and joan .jpg

The pair's presentation focussed on three projects - two urban and one rural.  You can see their full presentation below.

Sofie Williems (L) & Joan Rain Nielson (R) Founders of Spectrum Arkitekter in Denmark with John Potter and Rachel de Lambert of Boffa Miskell.