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Martin Rein-Cano heads to Auckland

The NZILA’s Auckland branch is hosting a presentation by international designer, Martin Rein-Cano on October 8. Born in Buenos Aires in 1967, Rein-Cano studied History of Art at Frankfurt University and Landscape Architecture at the Technical Universities of Hannover and Karlsruhe.

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An award 30 years in the making

Landscape architect Dennis Scott has made the trip to Waiheke Island countless times. On a Saturday morning in August we make the trip together so he can show me his island - the place where he reimagined and responded to it’s growing popularity - leading and collaborating in an applied landscape planning approach that lead to a sustainable landscape transformation for the once “bohemian community.”

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Selling your project

Mark Ames from Sydney-based Strategic Cities specialises in media management and engagement strategy for cities and government agencies. He played an influential role in London, helping to secure an ambitious and controversial 10-year one billion pound cycling strategy and action plan. Other clients include Auckland Transport, and the cities of Sydney, Adelaide and Vincent (WA).

He recently visited New Zealand courtesy of Boffa Miskell, to discuss how to overcome resistance to change in cities.

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