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Papakainga Housing - a Taupo case study

Papakāinga. It’s a traditional form of whānau-based communal living on ancestral Māori land that I strongly believe in; in terms of whānau support and well-being. I can’t help but feel passionate about it. So, when a papakāinga project in the Taupō District came up for a Tūrangi-based whānau, I jumped at the opportunity to be part of the project team.

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Why rebuild when you can reimagine?

As a designer it is hard to admit that design is not always the best solution for a degraded public space. The process of design is rewarding both professionally and personally,  as designers we like to be seen as the creative solution-provider, especially if it publishable or award winning work. “Brilliant designer saves a community with imaginative new rethink of an old tired space,” is always rewarding reading.

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