The 3D safety craze spreading across the globe

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An Australian city is the latest to embrace the 3D road crossing concept spreading around the world.

Landscape Architecture Aotearoa first heard about the creative three dimensional design approach to pedestrian crossings when the Icelandic fishing village of Ísafjörður installed one with the aim of reducing traffic accidents.  The Icelandic environmental commissioner was inspired by a similar project in New Delhi.

The Icelandic 3D pedestrian crossing unveiled last year.

The Icelandic 3D pedestrian crossing unveiled last year.

The novel crossing became a reality late last year - the design not only makes drivers think twice about speeding but also give pedestrians the appearance of walking on air.


The Queensland city of Cairns has just approved spending thirty thousand Australian dollars on a similar crossing outside a hotel and shopping complex in the CBD according to the Cairns Post.   

A council services committee report says "the aim of this project is to change driver behaviour by encouraging drivers to think the pedestrian crossing is obstructing them, resulting in drivers to slow down".

The crossing will be reviewed six months after it's installed to see what effect it has had on motorists and pedestrians. 

A mock up of the Cairn's 3D zebra crossing

A mock up of the Cairn's 3D zebra crossing

But it turns out we've dabbled in the design here in New Zealand too.  Last year in Dunedin as the university year got underway. International Artist Jenny McCracken created her version of the concept along with Zest Events International and the Dunedin City Council.

3D pedestrian crossings built to traffic safety standards. Designed and created by International Artist Jenny McCracken, Zest Events International for Dunedin City Council, New Zealand. Project team: Designer/Lead artist - Jenny McCracken, Assistant artist - Guy Hamilton-Smith, Zest Project Manager - Andi Mether, Dunedin City Council - Crystal Filep and Kieran Trainor with project partners Downer and Resin Surfaces.