Auckland's development - understanding the role of Panuku

Auckland's urban regeneration is a regular talking point within the landscape architecture profession and we have regularly covered related issues here on LAA. That includes projects from a relatively new player in the industry - Panuku Development Holdings.

Panuku was formed by the Auckland Council in 2015 - created after the merger of Waterfront Auckland and Auckland Council Properties Limited. Panuku is the owner of a lot of the high value Auckland waterfront property.

Radio New Zealand this week spent a bit of time taking its listeners through a sort of 101 guide to development bodies in Auckland and in particular Panuku Development holdings. Senior Herald writer Simon Wilson spoke to Jessie Mulligan on Monday about the organisation, who is overseeing it and what exactly it is doing.

Wilson says Panuku is a CCO - a council controlled organisation - and is charged with urban regeneration in Auckland. He says it depends who you ask as to what answer you will get about how effective the organisation is. Wilson says one of the critical questions asked of Panuku relates to housing and how Panuku is handling that issue.

Property website has also recently featured Panuku activity.

A peak at Auckland City from the east. Image by Wallula from Pixabay

A peak at Auckland City from the east. Image by Wallula from Pixabay