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Waiheke project making a splash on the world stage

As part of the 40 th anniversary of the publication of Ian Mcharg seminal book, Design with Nature, the University of Pennsylvania are organising an exhibition of 25 landscape project from around the world that have been inspired by the writing of Ian Mcharg. Dennis Scott and Associates have been invited to be part of the exhibition and have taken the opportunity to showcase one of their best-known projects , the Western Waiheke Entrance Landscape.

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An award 30 years in the making

Landscape architect Dennis Scott has made the trip to Waiheke Island countless times. On a Saturday morning in August we make the trip together so he can show me his island - the place where he reimagined and responded to it’s growing popularity - leading and collaborating in an applied landscape planning approach that lead to a sustainable landscape transformation for the once “bohemian community.”

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