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Rangitahi - the urban development in the heart of Raglan

Twenty years ago, the Peacocke family bought a 117-hectare sized piece of land tucked inside the Raglan Harbour, situated five minutes from the local township, and home to a healthy dose of native bush, wildlife, and surrounding beaches. It boasts one of the largest – and most influential – sections in the region, which has turned a large provincial farm, into one of the most significant urban development schemes in Raglan.

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An award 30 years in the making

Landscape architect Dennis Scott has made the trip to Waiheke Island countless times. On a Saturday morning in August we make the trip together so he can show me his island - the place where he reimagined and responded to it’s growing popularity - leading and collaborating in an applied landscape planning approach that lead to a sustainable landscape transformation for the once “bohemian community.”

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A Christchurch earthquake anniversary update

Today marks eight years since life in Canterbury’s changed forever - the first earthquake which rocked the region at 7.1 on the richter scale. It struck as people were sleeping at 4.35am on a Saturday morning. Miraculously only one person died, few were injured but many buildings in Christchurch were left in ruins. Of course a more deadly quake was to strike just six months later and out of that came the residential red zone.

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