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Is it time to get rid of traditional lawns?

New Zealanders are very attached to their own patches of lawn, the monotonous whirring of mowers a soundtrack to our weekends and long summer evenings, accompanied by petrol fumes and the smell of freshly cut grass. But is it time to get rid of traditional lawns for the environments sake? A pair of urban ecologists - one from Australia, the other from Sweden, certainly think it might be.

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Rangitahi - the urban development in the heart of Raglan

Twenty years ago, the Peacocke family bought a 117-hectare sized piece of land tucked inside the Raglan Harbour, situated five minutes from the local township, and home to a healthy dose of native bush, wildlife, and surrounding beaches. It boasts one of the largest – and most influential – sections in the region, which has turned a large provincial farm, into one of the most significant urban development schemes in Raglan.

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